We are a full-scale apparel manufacturing company. Each item is crafted from scratch, with the highest quality printing and tagging. We are currently working with 10+ established brands. We mainly focus on producing t-shirts, hoodies, tank tops, etc. Customers choose us because we have low MOQ and VERY quick turnaround! Our process is simple, we take your design mockup, create a sample, approval, then we proceed with the bulk order! We would love to hear some of your ideas and get started working with you.

EMAIL: titafitco@gmail.com with full details about your order, so we can get you a quote and start with samples! 



CLIENT: Immerse Lifestyle @immerselifestyle

"TITAFIT Apparel Manufacturing has been amazing to work with. They have great prices on apparel and always get the orders right. The deal they gave me on my first order was so incredible and it made my launch of my company, Immerse Lifestyle Brand, so much easier. I would definitely recommend Titanium Apparel Manufacturing to anyone looking to start a clothing company!"

WEBSITE: https://immerselifestyle.com


CLIENT: 5TwentyFour Sports @5twentyfoursports

"TITAFIT Apparel Manufacturing has been am incredible asset in the starting of 5TwentyFour Sports. The way they handle their customer service, they really do take a load off of the whole process. TITAFIT Apparel Manufacturing does apparel right by making things easy and affordable. 5TwentyFour Sports wouldn't be where it is right now without TITAFIT Apparel Manufacturing."

WEBSITE: https://5twentyfoursports.com


CLIENT: Live United @_team_united

Live United is a brand devoted to making peace with skin colors. The color on our skin does not define the individual within. We have also worked with them on projects for Siena Heights University in Michigan. Most recently for their schools football jerseys, and women's soccer kits.

CLIENT: Vip Fitness @vipfitnesschallenge

We have created all of VIP Fitness workout clothing for their many gym locations. (based out of Rochester Michigan).


CLIENT: Smoky Ridge @smokyridgeoutfitters

Smoky Ridge is an outdoors brand promoting adventure and casual wearability. Full range of outdoor items, along with a fully customized vest product.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/smokyridgeoutfitters/?hl=en