FAQ Manufacturing

Here is a list of the most FAQ relating to the TITAFIT Manufacturing brand.

How did you get involved with manufacturing? It started by creating the TITAFIT clothing brand in November 2016. We were able to produce and sell a large amount of clothing on a monthly basis. We were continually asked by other fitness brands, gyms, and local places if we could help manufacturer custom clothing. In January of 2019, we decided to open our own facility, and start to wholesale our fabrics with our clients branding. Flash forward, we have worked with 100+ brands and continually adding new clients to create cut & sew custom clothing.

How does the process work? We are VERY easy to work with and have a pretty simple process. ( Ideas > Design > Samples > Approval > Bulk ) We have more information on this, under our GET STARTED tab, or by checking out our home page.

What are the advantages of working with TITAFIT MFG? 

- We offer the lowest MOQ in the industry at 50 pcs. Most custom manufacturing facilities are 500+ pcs per size, color, item. 

- We are able to get on a phone call and discuss your ideas/goals.

- We offer custom samples, BEFORE you place a bulk order. (Samples are generally $30-50, vs. companies that charge $200+ for one item.)

- Quick turnaround time. GENERALLY (2-3 week production + 1 week shipping time) Size and order complexity may alter this.

- Over 300+ clients serviced + our own brand, we know fit, feel, fabrics.

What are your prices? Due to the fact that there are literally thousands of options when creating custom clothing, we price everything off a per quote basis. We follow a series of steps to create a final price with your items. Things that affect price may include: order quantity, colors, design, logos, fabric, weight, etc.

Where are you based? Our main office is located in Boston, MA. We handle all of our client relationships in the USA. Our facility for manufacturing is located overseas where we source all of our custom fabric. If we can't source the fabric, we can generally make custom cotton fabric.

How do you ship? We ship directly to our client from our facility. We can produce & ship to anywhere in the world, as long as the shipping companies allow. Shipping generally comes via DHL, FedEx, or UPS. Shipping is included in all of our prices. 


Who is the founder of TITAFIT?

"Michael Smith - I created the TITANIUM FITNESS brand in fall of 2016. In January 2019 we had to RE-BRAND and change the name to TITAFIT. I wanted to build a community full of leaders in the fitness industry. I have always loved helping others reach their fitness goals. My main goal for starting this company was to impact as many lives as I could. I knew I could not impact as many as I wanted, so I decided to create a team of athletes to help me. That is how TEAM TITAFIT was formed. We have a group of athletes who motivate and inspire others with a supportive brand backed behind them. After seeing the success with my brand, we started to offer wholesale options to create another stream of income. After a few short months we realized the wholesale side of our business was exploding and becoming larger than the brand itself. We decided to take a step back, completely redesign our website, and go full throttle on wholesale clothing. We are now scaling our wholesale business and working to become the "GO-TO" fitness and lifestyle cut & sew manufacturing facility. We would love to get in contact with you and talk about your goals."

Thank you for the support.

CEO- Michael K. Smith

@mikesmithceo on Instagram